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7 Fat Burning Foods That Will Help You Burn Mucho Calories

written by Protima Tiwary April 13, 2017

Everyone wants to lose weight, but not everyone wants to work out like a beast every single day. We’re sure even the gym rats need a break from all that. Plus they say it’s not as much about working out as it is about you diet. Healthy is about working out, and most importantly, eating healthy.

Controlling your diet is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. The good news is that there are a few foods that will help you boos your metabolism so that you can burn calories faster. Do you want to know what these magical foods are? Read on –


Coffee – Only if you’re drinking one – two cups a day.

Green Tea – Aim for three 8 ounces cups a day. Green tea is great for melting belly fat.

Cinnamon– You can eat about one-fourth to 1 teaspoon of this spice every day.

Yogurt – The probiotics present in yogurt help in reducing the amount of fat that your body absorbs.

Chili Peppers– Time to eat all that hot salsa! This contains a metabolism-boosting compound called capsaicin that increases your body temperature a bit and gives your metabolism an extra calorie-burning push.

Chicken and fish – Did you know? Your body burns more calories digesting and metabolizing protein than it does while breaking down carbs and fats.

Regular dieting is old school, not to mention super boring. Eat the right kind of stuff that puts your metabolism on high speed to burn all those calories!

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