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This 5 Year Old Is More Fashionable Than You

written by Protima Tiwary April 4, 2017

This diva is only 5 years old. Most of us well beyond our 20s don’t know how to style our outfits and this little girl is slaying it like nobody’s business. What a boss!

Sailor Blu McCollister is the adorable 5 year old daughter of Antoine McColister and Shanice Sarratt. Sailor had a birthday party to attend this weekend and this is what she chose for herself. Yes, all by herself.

'When your daughter matches your fly. #BlackGirlMagic,' Ace Hood captioned his photo on Sunday. 'She was like, 'Mom I want to put some shades on today,'” Saratt told BuzzFeed News. She said Sailor intentionally went for a 'business attire' look.

Sailor wanted a business attire look, and effortlessly picked this for the evening. People were so impressed with her outfit that they were pretty confident that if she were going for a job interview, she would definitely get it. Many felt she was dressed as a CEO of a large company, and she had got the elegance and authority absolutely right.

 Her mother Sarratt said that Sailor is actually quite fashionable, and prefers dressing on the conservative side. She also said that Sailor has always picked her own outfits.

She’s a statement maker, isn’t she?

We can tell that she’s going to be a great fashionista some day.
Images have been sourced from Buzzfeed. 

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