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This 3D Latte Art Is Too Cute To Drink!

written by Protima Tiwary April 11, 2017

We think we’ve found the most adorable coffee trend for the year. We’ve seen strange trends in the coffee art category of late; from meringue cookie lattes to rainbow lattes to algae lattes, latte art continue to push boundaries in the name of Instagram worthy coffee. But this new coffee trend might just be too cute to drink.

3D latte art is popping up on our Instagram feeds, and they’re adorable AF! Search for #3DLatteArt and you’ll know what we mean. Small foam animals with colourful hues of green, blue, pink and yellow,these cuties are paying tribute to some of your favorite cartoon characters too.

Wait. This gets cuter. The foam coffee toppers can be jiggled. Yeah, you can watch your little animal do a small dance on top of your coffee! Cute, isn’t it? We wouldn’t be able to drink in all this cuteness.

when your inspiration comes from a soft toy in someone's car

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Thank you for the feature @food.envy!! What a great surprise to end off the week😊

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Health blogger Daphne has been perfecting these 3D latte animals for her Instagram account, and we absolutely love her feed!


This Latte Art Is Insane

This woman turns coffee into awesome 3D works of art 😃🙌

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, April 10, 2017



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