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13 Reasons Why You Need To Watch 13 Reasons Why

written by Protima Tiwary April 13, 2017

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is hooked on to it. It started out as a casual suggestion by someone who had read the book, or was watching the series. “Watch it, you’ll love it” “Read it, you’ll be hooked” And we did.

We loved every bit of 13 Reasons Why, we stayed strong even when each episode hurt a little bit. 13 Reasons Why is a Netflix Original that we recommend everyone must watch right now. Here are 13 reasons why-

  1. It makes you aware of the bullying culture in school. Yes, it still happens.
  2. It brings awareness to the signs of suicide.
  3. It educates us, right from the start, about the pervasiveness of rape culture.
  4. It shows us how gossiping can damage things.
  5. This isn’t only about high school- anyone and everyone can relate to this.
  6. It shows us the importance of a healthy support system.
  7. It highlights male privileges.
  8. It shows us how every small thing adds up to give a larger picture.
  9. It reminds us that it is important to stand up for other people.
  10. It is a tool for self awareness
  11. It shows how a random act of kindness goes a long way.
  12. It shows how hard school life is, in case the adults have forgotten about it now.
  13. It reminds us that people need to be treated much better than what we treat them.

13 Reasons Why stayed with us from the first scene. We hope many join in to see what the show is all about.

May 13 Reasons Why change us for the better and save lives in the process.


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