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10 things only stupid rich peeps would buy, are you one of them?

written by Radhika Sharma May 7, 2017

Having a lot of FU money is what life is about to rich peeps. Spending ungodly sums of money on stuff that makes no sense in their lives, that’s where they would so NOT draw the line. Islands, towers, gold bars – you name it, the rich folks buy em. Here’ s a list of 10 stupid shit that only rich peeps would spend money on, whereas we would point at them and LOL.

1. Diamond Tea Bag – $14,000

Because a regular tea bag just ain’t good enough. This was made by a British (of course) company called Boodles jewellers. It was hand-crafted using 280 diamonds, and I’d imagine would taste horrid when dipped in milk.

Source: Lottosend

2. Gold Toilet Paper – $1,376,900

Because ma bum deserves royalty man! A website called Toilet Paper Man sells these ultra soft rolls of toilet paper along with a bottle of champagne.

Source: Charliesgoldennuggets

3. Stuart Hughes Gold iPhone 5 – $15.3 Million

Blingathon starts right here folks! UK based designer Stuart Hughes crafted an iPhone worth almost $16 million dollars a few years ago, at the behest of a Chinese businessman. It’s coated in solid gold and features both black and white diamonds.

Source: Tech

4. Luxury Ice Cubes – $325

Regular ice don’t do the job well for ya, let’s lux it up! A company called Gläce Luxury Ice Co. from California hand carve and sell perfectly square cubes of ice for a price that’ll make your brain freeze up too. These cubes apparently provide ‘minimum dilution and maximum cooling’.

Source: Dailymail

5. Gold Cycle – $500,000

In the age of supercars, peeps still want to spend on bikes.  A company called Goldgenie manufactures these racing bikes which are covered in a layer of 24-karat gold baby.

Source: Eta

6. Gold and Diamond Game Boy – $25,000

Retro ain’t cheap bae. Nostalgia comes covered in 18K gold and diamonds.

Source: Wired

7. Gold Dildo – $15,000

This is truly stupid! This 24-karat gold plated pleasure imparter is dedicated to ‘those who understand that you can’t put a price on pleasure.’ In fact, it’s even got eight different pleasure settings, so you can comfort yourself after shelling out all that moolah. Ummm, Beyonce has one. *wink*

Source: Infinitetelegroom

8. Gold Shirt – $213,000

Remember the businessman from Maharashtra who had entire shirt made in gold? This man here is Pankaj Tripathi and yes, it’s made entirely of gold and yes, it’s pretty freakin’ ugly.

Source: Indianexpress

9. Guinea Pig Armor – $24,300

Why , WHY WOULD DO THIS TO MY CUTIES? Them cuties need protection too, and it don’t come cheap.

Source: Huffingtonpost

10. Diamond Dog Collar: $3.2 Million

It’s common for rich folks to carry trophy dogs along with them, and hese uber-luxurious canine items are encrusted with 1000s of diamonds and sapphires, including a 52 carat diamond.

Source: Leibish

Rich folks, amirite?!

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