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10 Life Saving Facts You Need To Know

written by Protima Tiwary April 11, 2017

Here’s something that will make you think. We bet you wouldn’t have given these things a thought.

Did you know?

  1. Your brain can’t handle walking and checking your phone at the same time. Seems like something you can handle? Well, not really. If in case there is a car speeding towards you, your brain will not be able to process it.
  2. Heat transfers faster through liquid than gas. Stay warm and dry during winters!
  3. Inflate your life jacket during a water landing AFTER you’re out of the flight. 
  4. If you’re lost, walking down slope increases your chances of finding a settlement.
  5. Always carry mild histamines with your in your wallet. You never know what you might encounter that gives you an allergic attack.
  6. Chewing aspirin during a heart attack can delay blood clots.
  7. If cooking oil catches fire, turn off the burner and cover the utensil. Do not use water!
  8. Most airplane crashes happen within 3 minutes of take off or landing.
  9. If you get hurt in public, single out one person who you’d ask for help. Do not assume people will all come to help- everyone is waiting for someone to make the move.
  10. Super glue can temporarily seal a wound during an emergency.

Ain’t these points helpful? You bet they are!

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